The plan is to get all the races in the area here as an easy, ready resource…

THERE IS SOME INTEREST IN DOING THE RAGNAR RELAY (12 person – 36 leg team – Jul 24-25) the link is listed below… take a look and let us know by reply to the blog below.

Some races schedules:

Triathlons:              www.trifind.com

Running races:     www.nwrunner.com  

General:                  www.kitsaprunner.com


A start of races in the area…

3/1/09 Resolution Run
15K and 5 mile Run
Bremerton YMCA Kitsap Family YMCA
3/14/09 St Paddy’s Day Dash
5k RUN and 1 mile
Jackson park
Lisa Bertolacci-Starich
3/15/09 Fishline Trail Run
25K and 50K
Port Gamble (360) 779-8757
3/15/09 St Patrick’s Day Dash
3.7 miles
Seattle http://stpatsdash.com
3/21/09 Steilacoom Res Run IV
5K, 20K, 20 mile
Steilacoom http://www.runfsrc.com/fsrc
3/22/09 M I Rotary Half Marathon
13.1 & 10K run
Mercer Island http://mercerislandhalf.com
3/24/09 Bike Road Race Series
 at Pacific Raceways
Kent http://buduracing.com/events_detail.php?e=338
3/29/09 Whidbey Island Marathon
full and half
Whidbey Island http://whidbeyislandmarathon.com/home.cfm
4/1/09 BEAST
Adventure race series
Various http://beastrace.com/
4/11/09 Easter Sprint TRI
ELMA http://signmeup.com/61887
5/3/09 Tacoma City Marathon
full, half, 5K
Tacoma http://tacomacitymarathon.com/
5/3/09 Blooms Day Run
Spokane http://bloomsdayrun.org
5/17/09 Rhody Run
Port Townsend http://rhodyrun.com/
5/17/09 Capital City Marathon
full and half
Olympia http://capitalcitymarathon.org
5/24/09 OnionMAN Tri
Olympic dist
Walla Walla http://wwmultisports.com
5/24/09 Spring Festival Triathlon
Sprint Triathlon
Moses Lake http://buduracing.com/events_detail.php?e=328
5/30/09 Issaquah Triathlon
Sprint TRI, 5K, 10K
Issauquah http://issaquahtri.com/
6/6/09 Moses Lake Triathlon
Sprint & Olympic TRI
Moses Lake http://buduracing.com/events_detail.php?e=329
6/12/09 Swim Races
1/2   1.2   2.4
Lake Meridean, Kent http://weraisethebar.com/swimrace.html
6/13/09 Sound to Narrows
12K & 5K
Tacoma http://soundtonarrows.org
6/13/09 5 mile lake triathlon
Sprint tri
Auburn http://buduracing.com/events_detail.php?e=330
6/13/09 BOISE 70.3
Half Ironman
Boise, ID http://ironman.com/boise70.3/
6/20/09 Ft Lewis Triple Threat
Sprint Triathlon
Ft Lewis http://fortlewismwr.com/race_calendar.htm
6/20/09 Cascades Edge Triathlon
Sprint & Olympic TRI
Enumclaw http://racecenter.com/cascadesedge/
6/20/09 Urban Dare Seattle
Adventure foot race
Seattle http://urbandare.com
6/27/09 Rock & Roll Marathon
full & half
Seattle http://rnrseattle.com
7/10/09 Swim Races
1/2   1.2   2.4
Lake Meridean, Kent http://weraisethebar.com/swimrace.html
7/12/09 XTERRA VashonOffroad
Vashon Island http://buduracing.com/events_detail.php?e=374
7/18/09 ChelanMan
half Iron, oly, sprint
Lake Chelan http://chelanman.com/
7/18/09 Ft Lewis Triple Threat
Sprint Triathlon
Ft Lewis http://fortlewismwr.com/race_calendar.htm
7/19/09 Fat Salmon Swim
1.2mile / 3.2 mile
Lake Washington http://fatsalmonswim.org
7/19/09 VINEMAN 70.3
Half Ironman
Sonoma, CA http://vineman.com/ironman.htm
8/1/09 Whidbey Triathlon
Langley, WA http://www.swparks.org/
8/2/09 Troika Half
Half Iron
Spokane http://troikatriathlon.com/
8/7/09 Swim Races
1/2   1.2   2.4
Lake Meridean, Kent http://weraisethebar.com/swimrace.html
8/16/09 LAKE STEVENS 70.3
Half Ironman
Lake Stevens, WA http://lakestevens703.com/
8/22/09 Ft Lewis Triple Threat
Sprint Triathlon???
Ft Lewis http://fortlewismwr.com/race_calendar.htm/
9/19/09 Grand Columbian Triath
Half Iron, Olympic
Coulee, WA http://thegrandcolumbian.com/


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  1. Who is doing Lake Stevens 70.3 Triathlon

    • I plan on doing Lake Stevens 70.3.

      Joe T.

      • I plan on doing Lake Steven’s 70.3

        Congrats GREG for getting a lottery pick for HAWAII!

    • I’ve signed up for:
      Issaquah sprint
      Cascade Edge Olympic
      Lake Stevens 70.3
      Rock n Roll Half Marathon
      Looking at doing the STP, but it’s the week after Cascade Edge…

    • Just signed up today, Woo Hooo!


  3. ROCK and Roll Marathon?

    • Yup, onboard with this one. Going to stay over on Saturday and catch the concert in the evening. Anyone else…

  4. Who is doing ISSAQUAH TRI May 30th?

  5. Id like to put a group together for the Lake Sammamish Sprint in Issaquah May 30. Ive done it in the past and its a great season starter: 1/4mi swim, 15mi bike (with one slightly graded hill), and 3.4 trail/road run. They also have a kids tri and 5&10k runs as well. So something for everyone. Nows a great time to start training! http://www.issaquahtri.com/ Email if interested: nataliefell@gmail.com

  6. I am doing Lake Stevens. Natalie-Lake sammamish tri sounds good ill be in your group

  7. I am registered for Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon. Ran the Phoenix in January – so I get hardware for doing two. Woo Hoo! Looking for some slow folks (~9 min/mile pace) to join me in long Saturday runs with the 7:30 AM Silverdale group.

  8. Ive done the Mt. Rainer race, is that similar to this RAGNAR Relay?

    • sorry… Mt. Rainer to the Coast relay, is what I should of said.

    • I’ve done both. I liked the venue and scenery better at Ragnar.

      • Deadline: 05/15/09 for the next Ragnar Relay sign up, then the price goes from 100 to $115 per person. For those interested in making a team, may want to jump on that. I should be ready to do that by July.

  9. Is anyone doing the Cascade Edge Triathlon? I am looking for someone to possible to car pool with and share a hotel with.

    Please email me at RobynJosh@Hotmail.com

    Thank you!

  10. 5-Mile Lake Sprint June 13… as a prequal to the July 25th 5-Mile Lake Olympic Distance

  11. I am looking to do an olympic distance triathlon before the lake steven’s 70.3 is there any that anyone can recommend?

    • I am doing the Federal Escape Olympic Distance as mentined above July 25, then the Whisky Dick Olympic in Ellensburg August 9th. That one is pretty challenging though, 12 miles straight uphill on the bike…

    • ChelanMan July 18th is a great race, but a bit of a drive to get to. http://www.chelanman.com

  12. anyone else doing the couger mountain trail race this weekend?

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