The website is moving!  We finally have our own domain…  You can check it out here:

 You will be able to get to our calendar, forum, pictures, and latest info there!

Next Meeting  (May 19th at 6:00p.m.) will be at Silverdale Waterfront Park Pavillion.  Greg will be leading a T1 & T2 TRANSITION Seminar.  We will be going through some techniques and tips to cut some time off your transitions!    This will be great forum to bring up tips that work for you and maybe pick-up a new technique you haven’t seen before.
The TriTurtleTri registration just opened!  If you are planning on doing this race sign-up quick… Lisa expects the race to sell out in about a week.  She has a limit of 300 and it is a great race.  If you aren’t doing the race please consider supporting the race and volunteering.
The race is September 13th and is a Sprint Triathlon distance, it is a great venue for experienced and beginners.
Congrats to some of our very talented Masters swimmers (Rich Siebert, Steve Peterson, Tammy Coulter), who placed well at the USMS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!! 
On May 13th you can tickets for the Torchlight run, Chevrolet Cup & the Air show for only $6.00.  Go here for details
April 21st Meeting  For those that didn’t make it to the monthly meeting, you missed some great information and even some free stuff.  We had an excellent presentation by owner Brian Frank of HAMMER NUTRITION!  He discussed hydration, pre and post race nutrition, and calorie intake while exercising to name just a few of the topics.
Look for more information soon about new biking, swimming, runs, and other events in the near future. 
The next meeting will be at Old Town Silverdale Park, under the pavillion!
A small group is committed to kicking off the open water swimming season, you can join them at Wildcat Lake…  Look at the swim page for more details.  
We are still looking for a coordinator for a Tour de Kitsap Aid station, Volunteers for TriTurtleTri,  and interest in The Ragnar Relay!
ISSAQUAH SPRINT TRI  Looks like the first TRIATHLON we could be doing as a group is the Issaquah Sprint TRI.  Natalie and Mark are heading up some of the coordination and information about it, their e-mails are below.  Several people have already talked about it on the race page.  Chime in so we can see how many are going.   There is more info on the race page!  If you don’t think you are ready,  ASK for help! and

 Check-out the slide show from the swim clinic (SWIM PAGE)

Here is a link to Beh Brewster’s BLOG so you can follow along with her  training to ULTRAMAN. Good luck on your journey Beth!

3 April   We have 47 registered memberships!  The membership form is on the main page.


MARCH 17th MEETING INFORMATION    Thank you to all that attended the March 17th meeting.   Beth Brewster and Jim Felty gave us some great information!  The club is officially established (legally).  The SWIM CLINIC is this weekend, for more information go to the swim page.   We are still looking for a volunteer to head-up Ragnar Relay and also a Tour De Kitsap booth for our club to support WEST SOUND CYCLING CLUB (see the links on the bike page for more information).  We officially have 43 members in the club!    UNIFORM COLOR/STYLE IMAGES ARE POSTED AT THE BOTTOM.  . 

The Club Jerseys and other apparel can be ordered, act quick… get your requests to Chris Hammett by APRIL 1st.  The form with what is available is below.  Also the colors for the Jersey are posted at the bottom of the page!


The SWIM CLINIC was a huge success!  Well Done to Rich Seibert and his Coaches!!  If you did the swim clinic please go to the swim page and take the quick survey.


The FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER is posted at the bottom  of this page for those that did not receive it via e-mail…











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  1. Do you have to be a tri-athlete to join this team? If I’m more interested in biking and want to join is that an option?

    very interested at getting better

    • Absolutely NOT! (modified – sorry responded late at night earlier) Would love to have you join us. Do you live in the area? You can send me an e-mail and I can help get you connected and involved! (e-mail:

    • Hey Bikerdude,

      This club started out advertised as a Multi-sport club, not just for TRIs. so to answer your question, no if being or wanting to be a tie-athlete is a requirement then I would have to leave….I swim like a stick, just kind of float around on the surface with the tide…I run and ride.

      • Shawn, thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to joining the team to learn more about biking and potentially runnning. I can swim but not at the level to compete in a triathlon.

  2. Bikerdude,

    If you work on Bangor a couple of us ride at lunch a couple times a week. you can call me if you want more info 315-6469 see ya out there

  3. Do you have a meeting scheduled for April? I am interested in checking out the club.

    • Hi Chris,
      Our next meeting will be April 21st (6:00p.m.). A rep from HAMMER Products will be at the meeting to discuss Nutrition with a focus towards Endurance Athletes. Watch the website next week for more info. Come check us out and meet some of the other people in the area. Greg

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