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–List the type of gear first, in-case the blogs get long, this isn’t a forum… so I can’t build categorises (at least no yet). However; the hierarchy will cascade down for each post.



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  1. WHEELS should I get areo ones or lighter ones?

    • I think it depends on your level. From what I hear, even the well expierienced say you never get out what you pay for the aero wheels. You would only want to put them on when racing and you CAN rent them for the day (like wetsuits) if you really wanted. I believe they only make the difference if you were racing competitive ironman distances when you have to take into consideration EVERYTHING on and around you and your bike.

  2. WETSUITS Do you have to have them around here?

    • yes…you don’t hve to but you will want to

  3. Looking for a wetsuit to fit a 6 ft, 250 lb triathlete, yeah that is not a typo! Please contact via

    • Saw this specialty tri wet suit company, might want to look into the clearance rack, they may have something you are looking for at an ok price. also google wet suit buying tips, there are many sites out there that will give you the basics. Hope that helps, Rich (PS. I got my blue seventy at poulsbo running, you can try them on and they are very helpful/knowledgable)

  4. Anyone interested in selling a kayak, please conact me.


  5. fork looking for a used Mt Bike fork for my commuter. currently bouncing along on an old blown one. threadless call my desk leave a message 360 315-6469


  6. FORK – I should have said I am looking for a RIDGID Fork for the MT bike…..


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